Salma Hayek In These 10 Bikini Avatars Is Breaking All The Previous ‘Sexiness’ Standards

By Grinell Jacinto

July 23, 2021

Salma Hayek has a body most even in their 20s find hard to attain. The 54-year-old actress puts a lot into maintaining that figure, and every chance she gets, she flaunts it.

Salma not only rocked this black frilly monokini but also showed us how to maintain a figure we desire. Exercise. And if it’s water exercise, it’s much better.

Scorching hot in red is the only thing that comes to mind seeing Salma Hayek slaying in this red monokini while relaxing on this netted hammock.

While she slays in monokinis, Salma takes the hotness quotient even higher when she rocks bikinis. The one in while she’s practising yoga looks too serene and sexy at the same time.

While enjoying some turquoise water, Salma Hayek rocked a chocolate brown & rusk shade bikini. The plunging neckline, paired with her tied up hair & printed frame shades is something few can rock.

Take tips from Salma on what to wear to the beach & how. The actress opted for a purple bikini at outing by the sea & accessorized it with a hat, shades, and a purple overall.

Paint me like a French girl has got a whole new meaning with this picture of Salma Hayek relaxing in a burgundy monokini. Her reflective glares and hat only add more drama and appeal to the look.

To ring in her 53rd birthday, Salma shared an image that made us wonder if she found the fountain of youth. A sky blue bikini with knots & ties, the actress showed how young & fun she is

All set to go diving, Salma Hayek looks hot in a red bikini top & scuba gear as her bottoms. We aren’t complaining even if we only got to see half her look.

What do you think is hotter - the coffee Salma plans on sipping or the actress in this ink-navy blue bikini set. With the amount of blues in the pic, we hope she drives away any blues you guys feel.