Scam 1992: Ashwin Mehta, Madhavan To Bhushan – Who Is Your Favourite ‘Other Man’ Of The Show? #BestOfOTT


July 9, 2021


as Ashwin Mehta (Harshad’s Brother)

Hemant as Harshad’s elder brother, and the actor made his part notice with his talent. The chemistry he shared with Gandhi’s gave him the power to develop a strong connection with viewers.

Jay Upadhyay

as Pranav Sheth

Jay had proven his mettle in movies, so it was an obvious decision of getting hyped for his act. He justified the meat he got for his character; his comic timing helped the plot loosen up a bit.

Faisal Rashid

as Debasish Basu

Playing the ally to the show’s essential character Sucheta Dalal, Faisal’s earnest portrayal was spot-on. Despite not getting much screen time, Faisal’s subtlety helped him to charm his way in.

Rajat Kapoor

as K. Madhavan

His appearance in Scam 1992 doesn’t go unnoticed, and he owns every frame he’s in. Playing the role of a foul-mouthed investigating officer, Kapoor brings out the ‘beast’ in him.

Chirag Vohra

as Bhushan Bhatt

It is clear that Scam 1992 has been home to some exceptional talent. His character arc got a major twist towards the end, which shocked the viewers to the core and was beautifully performed by Chirag.

Who is your favourite ‘other man’ in Scam 1992?