Pathaan Review:

Shah Rukh Khan Gifts Every Second Of 4 Saal, 1 Mahina Aur 4 Din Back To His Fans In The Most Entertaining Way He Could!

Shah Rukh Khan proving how a wounded lion is more dangerous than a hungry one, he runs after his prey not to satisfy his hunger but gratify his anger

What's Good?

The cinematography in moving action sequences goes for a toss, Satchith Paulose’s (whose other notable work apart from this is Divine’s track One Side) camera starts to rely heavily on below-the-par VFX hampering the watching experience

What's Bad?

Nope, you might either miss a cool moment by Shah Rukh Khan or some already-heard dialogue

Loo Break:

Watch it on the big screen, if you’re. If you didn’t like War, probably even this won’t satisfy your quench as well

Watch or Not?

Shah Rukh Khan brings back ‘mass’ to ‘massala entertainment’ and he’s definitely one of the most charismatic 57-year-olds you’d witness on screen today.

All said and done, Pathaan is the perfect comeback material for Shah Rukh Khan as he gifts back his fans each & every second worth of the wait they did for, to be specific – 4 saal, 1 mahina aur 4 din.

Last words:

Pathaan review with all the nitty-gritty details! Review by: Umesh PunwaniR