Bollywood Money Heist Was Literally A $2 Show When It Was Brought By Netflix Because It Was A Flop In Spanish? AUGUST 16, 2021

Money Heist Season 5 is undoubtedly one of the most anticipated things not just on the Hollywood circle or Spain from where it originated, but across the globe, thanks to Netflix.

But this wasn’t the case when Netflix initially bought the show. Known as La Casa de Papel back then, the show was a massive flop, so much so that it was scraped and given an order to be never resurrected again. But then Netflix happened.

It was the destiny of the show, and everyone involved that Netflix found it out, and it became an overnight sensation post it was renamed Money Heist

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But did you know? Netflix bought La Casa de Papel for just, wait for it, $2. Well, we were shocked to our core too. A massive show as big as MH bought for a cost that can only buy you chocolates in the west.

As per Seriesholic, a screenwriter on the show talking about Money Heist aka La Casa de Papel, and how it was a flop, said, “Contrary to what it seems, the life of the series is the story of a failure.."

He went to add how the cast members of the show even went on to find another jobs, and suddenly when their followers on social media bloomed it was a surprise.

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“Literally three months after it was scrapped, this show that had been cancelled in Spain was bought by Netflix for literally two dollars."

"They bunged it out without any promotion, and within two weeks, it was number one around the world,” screenwriter added.

Money Heist 5 Vol 1 releases on September 3, and Vol 2 on December 3