Malikappuram Movie Review

Unni Mukundan With His Adorable Screen Presence Makes This Story About Faith & Hope A Decent Watch

An adorable Unni Mukundan uses his cuteness to create a character lovable and partly mysterious.

What's Good?

The film takes too long to reach the main point and that feels dragged. Also it doesn’t create the mystery entirely around Unni’s Character like it should.

What's Bad?

Not when Unni Mukundan is on screen. Also, there is nothing so bad that you will want to take it. But if nature calls, answer it in the first half.

Loo Break:

 If a story about keeping the faith alive and living with the hope that motivates you is your thing, you will enjoy this story.

Watch or Not?

Unni Mukundan has an adorable screen presence in Malikappuram. The actor plays a mysterious part that has to be human and divine at the same time.

Devinandha is amazing as Kalyani. For her age she emotes the emotions so effortlessly and it never looks like she is being directed by a filmmaker.

Malikappuram is harmless and a feel good movie. Watch it for the acting performance.

Last words:

Malikappuram review with all the nitty-gritty details! Review by: Shubham KulkarniR