By Umesh Punwani

July 14, 2021

Why Mobius Didn’t Recognise Loki? Doctor Strange, Spider-Man & Ant-Man Connect? Kang Replacing Thanos & More!

Loki episode 6 is the visual depiction of pain. It’s heavy on dialogues, so don’t expect any marvelous extravaganza in this one, and that’s what makes it stand out from the rest of the episodes

Spoiler alert before you move ahead. As we’ve been rightly joining the dots since the first episode, we finally got Kang The Conqueror with the ‘working title’-like name ‘He Who Remains’.

Loki is betrayed at multiple levels as Marvel thrashes all the ‘awws’ we all have been doing for the God Of Mischief. He gets a reality check of how things are too far away from being right.

Instead of going the traditional way and ‘review’ stuff, today, let’s just discuss what the fu*k actually happened in Loki episode 6. Did Marvel answered all our questions or gifted us a dozen more?

Let’s take a virtual tour and understand how this impacts Marvel’s Phase 4, majorly Spider-Man: No Way Home (December 2021) and Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness (March 2022).

Marvel answers how creative they can get as a studio by tweaking the intro audio to their logo.

It consists of the famous lines from the reel & real-life heroes hinting at how this is just the start

Marvel plays the old-school trick of not addressing him directly as Kang because he’s the next big bad thing after Thanos & this is just a ‘tease’ to what’s coming next of him.

Sylvie kisses goodbye to our expectations of seeing Loki happy for once & then comes the biggest shock when Mobius fails to recognise Loki. Two heartbreaks at once? Was this required, Marvel?