From Shah Rukh Khan’s Dal Rice To Hrithik Roshan’s Samosas: Know The Comfort Food Of Your Favourite Celebs!

By Shrikrishna Iyer May 12, 2021

Salman Khan- Biryani

Anyone who knows Salman is very well aware of his undying love for Biryani.

He once revealed that his go-to place for a biryani fix is Cafe Noorani, which is located opposite the Haji Ali Durgah.

Shah Rukh Khan – Dal-Rice with pickle

The King of Bollywood believes in eating moderately and keeping his diet controlled.

But like every Delhite he too loves Punjabi chat. However, when it comes to comfort food he likes to eat dal and rice with pickle.

Sonam Kapoor – Pav Bhaji

A guy near Cooper Hospital in Juhu serves the best pav bhaji. (But) I also love the one at Amar Juice Centre.

My other favourite street foods in Mumbai are Mani’s dosa at Khar, the Vada Pav joints outside Mithibai College, the rolls at Ayub’s in Kala Ghoda and the sandwiches outside SNDT.

Hrithik Roshan – Samosa

Hrithik Roshan may be the ‘Greek God’ but his preferred comfort food item is desi.

The Krrish star’s favourite Indian savoury snack is the piping hot samosa.

Deepika Padukone- Idli

Deepika was brought up in South India. This means the actress has an eclectic taste in South Indian cuisine.

The Cocktail actress loves idli and seafood.

Anushka Sharma- Indian Chinese Food

Anushka Sharma is not one for junk food like pizzas and burgers but loves home-cooked meals more than anything else.

However, the actress loves Indian Chinese food from Samarpan in Bengaluru, as per GQ India.

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