5 Best Christmas-Themed Rom-Coms To Watch This Holiday Season!

Here is a compilation of five romantic comedy films with a Christmas theme that you can wind down with. Because Christmas only gets better and cozier with a nice rom-com to curl up to.

Richard Curtis’s “Love Actually” is one of the most popular Christmas romantic comedies ever made. This film features an ensemble of seasoned actors, adding to its popularity. You can watch “Love Actually” on Prime Video.

Love Actually

“The Holiday” is the kind of rom-com that will leave you warm inside “The Holiday” can be streamed on Hulu..

The Holiday

“Last Christmas” follows the story of an aspiring singer, Kate, who works in a Christmas gift shop. The movie is mainly about their developing relationship. “Last Christmas” is available to stream on Hulu.

Last Christmas

Jon Turteltaub’s “While You Were Sleeping” is a very common name around town. It features Sandra Bullock and Bill Pullman in the lead roles and was released in 1995. You can watch “While You Were Sleeping” on Disney+

While You Were Sleeping

Holidate is a 2020 Netflix film. Emma Robert’s character, Sloane, is tired of being mocked by her family for being single. Coincidentally, she runs into Jackson at the mall, and both of them decide to be each other’s dates for Christmas.


Even if you find yourself without a date this Christmas, you can still experience the love vicariously through these rom-coms.