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Uorfi Javed Steps Out Wearing An All-Black Sheer Lacy Outfit With A Mask Looking Like A Pa*ty, Gets Trolled 

 Uorfi Javed is truly an enigma; she hogs up all the limelight whenever she steps out in the city, mostly because of her bizarre clothes.

This time as well she made the headlines as she got spotted by the paparazzi in an all-black ensemble.

Uorfi is known for wearing bold clothes, especially DIY clothes

Uorfi Javed, this time, wore a black laced outfit with a pair of gloves that ran to her fingers.

She even fashioned a mask from the same material, which had an uncanny resemblance with a woman’s p*nty.

Uorfi’s undergarment was viably visible through her sheer lace skirt.

For a top, she wore a strapless br*. The actress kept her hair up and tied in a ponytail.

netizens, without wasting any time, started pouring in their hilarious comments. “muhhpeee chaddi kon pehenta hai bee”