HIT: The 2nd Case Movie Review

Improved & Crisper But The Villain Still Doesn’t Get The Attention He Deserves

It’s an improved investigative thriller than the first one. A lot crisper and fuss-free.

What's Good?

The criminal gets too less time to unravel himself and for us to invest in him to feel anything about him.

What's Bad?

If you cannot sit through goriness, the last 15 minutes are not made for you. Rest, you will know when to while the film does get predictable.

Loo Break:

It is a decent whodunit that promises that it will improve itself every time we get into a new case, which is hope.

Watch or Not?

Adivi Sesh has a charm that kind of does half the job to make him very screen friendly immediately.

Meenakshii Chaudhary gets to be the damsel in distress with no heavy lifting in her kitty. Rest every do a fair job.

HIT: The 2nd Case is certainly an improved product but with its own vices. A universe is in the making and if they promise to keep improving, it will only reach new heights.

Last words:

HIT: The 2nd Case review with all the nitty-gritty details! Review by: Shubham KulkarniR