Godzilla vs. Kong Movie Review: 5 Things Proving Why This Is Monstertainment At Its Best!

By Umesh Punwani March 24, 2021

This, after Skull Island, could prove to be 'the' turning point makers of the saga are hoping for for decades now

Inclusion of Thor: Ragnarok's writer Eric Pearson combined with the classic traditional touch from Max Borenstein, creates the whole superheroisque aura around the monsters.

It's a homecoming for the writer, Terry Rossio, who penned the story for the first Godzilla film (1998) entirely produced by a Hollywood studio.

Watch in 4DX & you'll drop your jaws when the seat started vibrating to the beats of Junkie XL's sick soundtrack.

Adam Wingard tries to mashup the 'monstertainment' with the humans around them, and those prove to be the most impactful scenes.

All said and done, if you can find a 4DX theatre near you, don’t miss the chance to aboard this bat-sh*t crazy ride to the monster verse. Even if not 4DX, make sure to watch it on the biggest & clearest screen accessible to you.

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