5 Bizarre Beauty Treatments Of Hollywood Celebs By: Vidushi Yadav


Brad Pitt undergoes botox treatments whenever needed and takes collagen smoothies on a regular basis with anti-ageing IV vitamin drips.

The bizarre treatment that Justin Bieber goes through is that he uses a moisturizer infused with his own blood plasma.

Believe it or not, but Tom Cruise gets a facial done which is infused with the excrement of nightingales.

David Beckham loves using his wife’s Victoria Beckham’s cream and moisturizers but besides that, the hottie goes for botox treatments from time to time that is infused with snake venom.

The Canadian singer spends recklessly on luxury skin products and guess what, Drake also has pink diamond teeth. And to maintain that diamond, he thought of getting real-diamond dust infused in his toothpaste.