From A Fruit Hat To A Shiny Purple Shorts, 3 Rakhi Sawant Outfits That We Dare You To Wear

By: Prerna Verma 

WHEN RAKHI SAWANT PAINTED THE TOWN PURPLE Rakhi Sawant painted the town purple with her shimmery purple coloured ripped hot-shorts and a matching bralette, she paired it with an even more shimmery blazer of the same colour and completed.

WHEN RAKHI SAWANT TRIED TO DRESS LIKE A MERMAID Rakhi Sawant surely will leave you all speechless with this look. Loaded with heavy crystal jewellery from head to toe, she looks like an Indian mermaid.

WHEN RAKHI SAWANT WAS CONFUSED WHETHER TO EAT FRUITS OR WEAR THEM Rakhi Sawant looked a little confused with the bunch of fruits. She could not decide whether to eat it or wear it, hence the hat which looked like a fruit plate with two bananas hanging on both sides.