Friends: From Monica’s Check Shirts To Rachel’s Knee-High Boots, Top 5 Fashion Styles Which Are Still In Trend

MONICA'S CHECK SHIRT Check is a big trend right now, and we especially love Monica's look for our own wardrobe.

RACHEL'S KNEE-HIGH BOOTS Rachel wears a mini skirt and knee-high boots like no other. Even today in 2021, knee-high boots are a trend girls follow like crazy.

MONICA'S MINI DRESS Monica's 70s work wear-style mini dress is surely going to be our back-to-the-office outfit sorted, whenever that day maybe.

RACHEL'S SLIP DRESS Slip dresses like Rachel's were massive in the 90s, and they are making a huge revival.

PHOEBE'S LONG BUTTONED MAXI-DRESS Long maxi-dresses are so in right now, and it is for every season.