Friday Night Plan Movie Review

A Decent Reminder Of The Times When Films Weren’t Only About Scale Or Message But Also Young People Coming Of Age In A Simple Feel-Good Setup

It’s a syntax that takes you over a decade back back when not all filmmakers were hell-bent on having a message; some just wanted to tell simple stories that resonated.

What's Good?

That the movie does take things for too granted at points and doesn’t explore its own subject much.

What's Bad?

It’s a breezy watch that you would choose in your leisure. No stress, be comfortable, and tune in.

Loo Break:

Not every movie has to be hard-hitting, some can just bring a smile without really proving anything, and that is their victory. Watch it.

Watch or Not?

Babil Khan is Siddharth. He is playing his real self; besides, we don’t know if he looks at the responsibility of living up to his father’s legacy like Sid does, but we know it is huge.

Amrith Jayan, as Adi, the younger brother, is a confident performer. The actor knows what he is supposed to do and stands out with his effortless act.

Juhi Chawla, in a guest appearance, is warm, and I want her to play more of these parts with more screen time.

Friday Night Plan is a movie that is a reminder that we need such stories that are easy and make us feel comfortable between ones that make us ‘marvel’ and move.

Last words:

Friday Night Plan Review with all the nitty-gritty details! Review by: Shubham Kulkarni R