Freddy Review: 

From ‘Pyaar Ka Punchnama’ To ‘Nafrat Ka Punchnama’, Kartik Aaryan Masters The Art Of Balancing Being An Actor & A Star!

What's Good?

 Kartik Aaryan’s transformation as he balances mass & class!

A flawed build-up during the second act of the film

What's Bad?

 It’s just 2 hours, sit back & finish it at once

Loo Break:

If you love slow-burning thrillers, you’ll appreciate at least Kartik if not the film

Watch or Not?

Kartik Aaryan has always been receiving the flak for getting monotonous with his performances but if you see on a broader scale, he has been doing films like Akash Vaani, Dhamaka & now Freddy to balance the perception

Alaya F is a mixed bag! Her character starts by building so much curiosity around her brilliantly emoted by Alaya but slips during the second half because of the weak writing.

All said and done, I would’ve given this a simple three stars if not for Kartik Aaryan, this man is mastering the art of balancing class & mass which ensures Bollywood is in safe hands.

Last words:

Freddy review with all the nitty-gritty details! Review by: Umesh Punwani