FRIENDS: Phoebe-Mike, Rachel-Ross, Monica-Chandler – Every Wedding Was Special In The Show & Made Us Laugh!


By Grinell Jacinto April 13, 2021

This wedding was a classic, elegant, and perfectly planned one- as expected from someone as OCD obsessed as Monica.

Monica & Chandler

A winter wedding is romantic, but Phoebe & Mike’s was the result of one disaster following another.

Phoebe & Mike

A drunken marriage is bound to end in disaster, and we saw exactly that happen with loads of comedy.

Ross & Rachel 

All set to marry Emily, Ross makes the ultimate wedding faux-pas – he takes the wrong woman’s name.

Emily & Ross

It isn’t easy heading for your ex-fiancé’s wedding, especially as the bridesmaid as it’s your best friend who he is marrying.

Barry & Mindy 

The episode where Carol and Susan become ‘wife and wife’ is memorable as it saw Ross walking down his ex-wife to marry the woman of her dreams she left him for.

Carol & Susan

In the pilot episode of FRIENDS, we saw the runaway bride, Rachel, head to Central Perk to meet her high school friend Monica after bailing out on getting hitched.

Barry & Rachel

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