Dhamaka Movie Review

Ravi Teja Starrer Is Far Away From Logic & Farther From Entertaining

What's Good?

I did not have to travel for watching this one on the big screen

What's Bad?

Somebody saw mettle in a story so dated that they didn’t just invest money but brought in some very big names.

How about staying in there and watching reels on Instagram instead?

Loo Break:

There’s no lenient way of saying this, you have better options.

Watch or Not?

Ravi Teja probably gives the most immature performance of his career.

Sreeleela gets the most bizarre part of her career and nothing about and around her makes any sense.

There is no way Dhamaka could be saved because it is just logicless at all the levels. Wish the money was invested in a better film.

Last words:

Dhamka review with all the nitty-gritty details! Review by: Shubham Kulkarni