Cinema Marte Dum Tak Review

A Joyously Unfiltered Celebration Of The Pulpy Cinema Stars That Never Got To Shine

What’s It About:

Vasan Bala and his team track four filmmakers labeled B-grade as they get back behind the camera after almost two decades to make one film each and talk about the tumultuous journeys they had.

What Works:

It serves as an eye-opener from all possible directions. What is the life of filmmakers once celebrated silently inside single screens? Who decides whether they were wrong or not?

Starring the four filmmakers who made down-and-dirty movies from the mid-90s to mid-00s including J. Neelam, Dilip Gulati, Vinod Talwar, and Kishan Shah, the docu-series is an unfiltered gateway into their life.

When J Neelam abuses the men around her but has also fed them for years, you see a woman who has risen above all odds to be one of the very few women in the authoritative seat.

The approach that Kishan Shah, Vinod Talwar, and Dilip Gulati have towards a female body and its objectification is offensive and very wrong in today’s day and time.

But Vasan doesn’t even think twice about showing their views without putting them in a moral compass.

The interesting trivias are in the second half where they discuss the business and politics that kind of doomed the sleazy films and ended the careers of these four and more like them

Cinema Marte Dum Tak is a very personal project that is an ode to the stars that were never called one. Watch it for all the hardwork, truth, and the respect it is made with, you will only learn something new.

Last words:

Cinema Marte Dum Tak Review  with all the nitty-gritty details! Review by: Shubham Kulkarni