Chandu Champion Review

Kartik Aaryan Brings Murlikant Petkar’s Inspiring Journey To Life With Remarkable Conviction

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The narrative begins in 2017 with an elderly Murlikant Petkar (Kartik Aaryan) explaining to the police why he deserves the Arjuna Award, having won the gold medal for India.

The first hour is engaging, depicting Murli’s childhood, his time in the military, his participation in boxing championships, and the life-altering 1965 Kashmir war where he was shot nine times.

The second hour focuses on how Petkar learns to swim to compete in the Paralympics, aiming to fulfil his dream.

Kartik Aaryan delivers his career-best performance in Kabir Khan’s Chandu Champion. His physical transformation to portray Murlikant Petkar is commendable.

Vijay Raaz, portraying Murlikant’s Tiger Ali, also delivers a solid performance.

Kartik Aaryan’s phenomenal performance and Kabir Khan’s earnestness in telling the story of the unsung hero make this biopic an impactful watch. Four stars!

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Chandu Champion Review with all the nitty-gritty details! Review by: Pooja Darade R