July 21, 2021

Tumbbad To Sherni, Here’s How Bollywood Is Venturing Into Rustic & Unexplored Landscapes To Bring Realism

Today, the state once famous for its sweeping natural beauty and landmark locations perfect for film shoots is only occasionally recalled by filmmakers as a lost paradise.

Yoodlee production’s Axone is set in a fictitious location called Humayunpur but closely resembles Munirka, a melting pot of migrant populations, cultures and ethnicities in Delhi

The Bollywood film revolving around gender violence and brutal caste lines  was shot in Gurgaon, Haryana and in the interior of Rajasthan in its second schedule.

The story about greed and the natural arc of justice was shot in an actual location called Tumbbad, which  is a remote village in the interiors of Konkan, Maharashtra. Adding to the intrigue of the unexplored location  was the village lore about a buried ancient treasure!

Sherni departs from gloss, melodrama and all vestiges of make-believe to show how greed, apathy, mismanagement and ignorance disrupt the balance between wildlife habitats and human populations.