By Grinell Jacinto May 28, 2021

Govinda Has Rejected A Huge Hollywood Project, A Memorable Shah Rukh Khan Film, Sunny Deol’s Blockbuster & More

While the actor has over 150 movies credited to his name, he has also rejected quite a few.

From not thinking he suits the character to not wanting to undergo body painting, the reasons behind him rejecting the roles have been consistent over the years.

Take a look at the few Hollywood and Bollywood characters Govinda has rejected playing on the silver screen over the years.

After watching James Cameron’s Titanic, we doubt anyone ever said no to a part in a film he was making. Well, that’s besides Govinda. As per reports and the actor’s own admission, he was offered a part in this extraterrestrial adventure, but he said no to it.

It so happens that Govinda was offered a role in his 2002 blockbuster, but he refused it. Why? Well, he felt the character wouldn’t suit him.

Did you know the role of Anil’s Vikrant Kapoor was first offered to Govinda? Well, that’s true, but he rejected it as he didn’t want to do a character role. FYI: Aamir Khan, too, said no to this role before it went to Kapoor.

While we cannot see anyone else play the role Sunny Deol essayed (and pulled out the hand pump), the part was originally offered to Govinda.

As reported by Mashable, Govinda said no to the role as he had a problem with the poop scene and was uncomfortable with the word ‘Slumdog’ in the title.

This romantic musical by Yash Chopra is considered a turning point in the director’s career and gave Rishi Kapoor and Sridevi one of their best hit. But little did you know that the role of Rohit Gupta was initially offered to Govinda.