July 14, 2021

Black Widow Box Office: All Set To Hit $100 Million Mark In Next 2 Days

The official figures of the 4-day theatrical run are out, and it looks like the film is here to stay for a long. Scroll below to know more about the updated numbers.

Black Widow enjoyed a bountiful opening weekend in both overseas and the domestic market. In the domestic market, it earned $80.36 million over the first three days.

As shared by Box Office Mojo, Scarlett Johansson’s film made $7.16 million on day 4 i.e. first Monday in the US.

The total tally is at $87.52 million now and is expected to hit the $100 million mark in the next couple of days.

Globally, the grand total stands at $165.52 million including $78 million from overseas.

In a meantime, Black Widow is on its way to achieve several feats. The film will be the 4th film to $100 million in the US, after A Quiet Place Part II, Godzilla vs Kong and F9.

Also, it has a chance to become the highest earner of the pandemic era. A Quiet Place Part II is now leading the race with $151.35 million.

Globally, F9 is leading the tally with $544 million, which will surely be surpassed after Scarlett Johansson starrer arrives in China, India and other markets.

One more interesting thing about the film’s run is that it is streaming on Disney Plus, and breaking OTT records too. Not all but it is streaming in selected countries.