Bigg Boss 16 Day 68 Written Updates: Ankit Gupta’s Captaincy In Trouble, Abdu Rozik Loses His Cool On Shiv Thakare

Bigg Boss 16 house witnesses a ‘satta badal’ task where the new raja Ankit Gupta might or might not lose his ‘satta’.

In this task, the garden area has been turned into a ‘BB jail’ wherein Ankit must choose six house members whom he believes won’t take away his captainship.

The selected six housemates will be the ‘Kaidis’ in the task and five of the housemates will become a ‘jailer’

Ankit’s ‘satta’ depends on the ‘kaidis’! Do you think Ankit will continue to rule the house of ‘Bigg Boss 16’?

Abdu Rozik has been feeling alone in the Bigg Boss 16 house.

After his confession to MC Stan about Shiv Thakare on how he feels Shiv has changed, Abdu loses his calm at Shiv, tonight

It starts when MC Stan starts distributing chocolates and when Abdu asks for some, Shiv mockingly says, ‘Isko mat de’

Abdu angrily leaves the room, but Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia brings him back.

Will Abdu and Shiv sort things out or is this the end of their friendship?