HIGHLIGHTS From The 'Big Screen' Bell Bottom Bonanza!

By Team

August 20, 2021

A special private plane was arranged for a group of around 30 select journalists who met at Mumbai airport on the rainy Wednesday afternoon of 18th August.

Greeted by a Red Carpet, we were given special ‘boarding pass’ themed tickets to enter the auditorium months after the last film seen on big-screen.

Post the movie, we were surprised by a special video call with Akshay Kumar and the producers of Bell Bottom.

Akshay Kumar was asked whether the team has ‘missed the boat’ at the box office with Bell Bottom not releasing in Maharashtra.

He very smartly addressed it and said, “We’ve not missed the boat; we’ve started it."

Blooper: A funny faux pas happened towards the end when Akshay Kumar ended the call, but Bell Bottom producers forgot to end and started talking among themselves

What did they speak? Well, that’s where we draw the line between ethical entertainment & yellow journalism.

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