Bhediya Review: 

You’ll Come In For Varun Dhawan, But Will Stay Back For Abhishek Banerjee!

A straight-faced Abhishek Banerjee delivering lines like “Iski praan aur g**nd aapke haath mein hai… ubad khaabad chuttad…” & many more ROFL moments

What's Good?

A weak motive trying to connect everything good

What's Bad?

Only if you want to get your a** bitten by a ‘Bhediya’ in the washroom

Loo Break:

Liked Stree & Bala? You’ll enjoy this one as well

Watch or Not?

Varun Dhawan in his transformation into Bhediya scene > Varun Dhawan in the entire film. He’s one charming actor, everyone knows that, and that’s what he does as Bhaskar by charming his way in.

An unreleased rap remixing of Lata Mangeshkar’s classic ‘Aayega Aayega’ hits the right bars & chords & a request to Sachin-Jigar: PLEASE, release this soon.

All said and done, Bhediya delivers what it promises – howlarious one-liners, classy VFX, a few jumpscares & good performances but if you go looking beyond those promises, you won’t find anything substantial to add.

Last words:

Bhediya review with all the nitty-gritty details! Review by: Umesh Punwani