Bell Bottom Trailer Review: Akshay Kumar Promises A ‘Dhamaka’ That Could Shatter The Box Office Records Post Pandemic!

AUGUST 5, 2021

Akshay Kumar led Bell Bottom trailer has a lot of things going in its favour promising a thrilling ride.

Bell Bottom Trailer Review: Whenever Akshay Kumar has donned a ‘man on the mission’ character, the results have indeed have been special (Special 26, Holiday, Baby, Airlift). He’s back solving a fresh puzzle in Ranjit Tewari’s upcoming actioner and the stakes are high. Why? Let’s analyse!

Bell Bottom isn’t just a regular Akshay Kumar film releasing during the Independence Day period; it’s special in every sense of the word. On 19th August, if all goes as planned, this would be the first major film to bring back a huge chunk of lost audience to the cinema halls.

Since March 2020, there haven’t been any big releases to attain the numbers theatres need to get back on their feet. Salman Khan’s Radhe was released, but we all know the ‘hybrid release’ was leaning more towards the OTT because of the limited amount of movie halls operating back then.

The trailer of Bell Bottom brings in the adrenaline rush for two unrelated things, the feeling of getting back to the format of watching movies on a 70mm screen & the other is purely about how sharp the premise promise to be.

Akshay Kumar codenamed Bell Bottom is the ‘one man’ who will ‘change the course of history’ to fulfil one of the toughest missions attempted by the Indian government.

Dialogues like ‘Iss Baar Unki Haar’ & ‘It’s Not Over Until It’s Over’ feel too bland to be gelled with Julius Packiam’s thumping background score.

The CGI towards the end of the trailer looks straight out of a poorly-designed film, and the big screen will make it even more visible. We hope the other VFX patches are stitched well with the visuals.

Overall, Akshay Kumar led Bell Bottom trailer has a lot of things going in its favour promising a thrilling ride & it’s to be seen how Tewari manages to maintain the eye-pleasing production value throughout the film.