Bell Bottom Movie Review: Bringing Back Cinema Halls To Life In Akshay Kumar Style!

By Umesh Punwani

August 19, 2021

What’s Good This is like expecting Sachin Tendulkar to hit a delightful straight-drive at Wankhede; you know he’s anyway doing it

What’s Bad The translation phase between ‘planning’ & ‘execution’ gets blurred, leaving some blank spaces in between

Loo Break You’ll need a break, but from all these amazing performances by Akshay Kumar (pun intended!)

Watch or Not? Yes, on the biggest screen possible & NOT in 3D (spoiler: it’s a gimmick)

Set in the late 70s & early 80s, we’re thrown straight into the mission of the Indian government trying to tackle the constant plane hijackings happenings around the country.

Following the usual template, the story offers the ‘problem solver’ in RAW agent Anshul, who is codenamed Bell Bottom (Akshay Kumar), to keep his real identity intact.

Exploring his ‘personal’ connection with the hijacking, we are introduced to Anshul’s ‘almost perfect’ life. The second half takes a considerable amount of time to set up the plan.

Slipping into the ‘execution’ part of the plan, the pace races towards the climax, where you get surprised by more than one twist.

All said and done, I couldn’t have asked for a better film to resume my big-screen journey with. Three and a half stars!