Barbie Movie Review 

Exactly Why Women Must Tell Women Stories & The World Deserves Ryan Gosling’s Kenergy With Margot Robbie’s Pink Brilliance

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Greta, with her brilliance, uses Barbie to slash every unconventional standard that Barbie eventually set over the years, only to show that it was never the idea she was made with. The best part is that she doesn’t ridicule men in the process.

What's Good?

The movie ends up over-explaining its cause at a point, and that takes away from the magic for a brief bit.

What's Bad?

Nothing should make you even take your eyes away from the screen; break shouldn’t be even thought of.

Loo Break:

This is a historic juncture in world cinema where two era-defining movies release on the same day. You aren’t allowed to miss either. Watch Barbie on the big screen, please.

Watch or Not?

Margot Robbie is one of the top-tier best in this generation, and she deserves to be nominated for every possible award. Just adapting to the mannerism of Barbie and then gradually bringing humanness to it is in itself a tough job.

Ryan Gosling and his abs are a standout, and our man has to be celebrated for entirely reshaping everything we have learned about him so far as an actor.

Simu Liu is charming, and he can impress you even when he is in the background.

In Greta Gerwig, we all must trust and invest every penny saved for the movies. The pink is here to paint the world, and the Kens must be the allies who pass the brush.

Last words:

Barbie Review with all the nitty-gritty details! Review by: Shubham Kulkarni R