Animal Music Review

Sandeep Reddy Vanga Delivers Yet Another ‘Banger-Max-Pro’ Album, A Destined Blockbuster!

The moment I got done with this track, I realized this exists because Pritam went back to listen to Kabir Singh‘s album and thought, “How would I’ve done if I were a part of it!” And tada ‘Hua Yeh Gaana’ titled Hua Main

Hua Main

If ‘Hua Main’ was Pritam getting inspired from Kabir Singh, this is Shreyas Puranik channeling her inner Pritam fan to compose a song that sounds straight out of Brahmastra.

Man Satranga

Harshavardhan Rameshwar has composed only one song in the album (along with the film’s background score), and he makes it stand out from the rest.

Papa Meri Jaan

Bhupinder Babblal, known for his folklore performances in Mirza Sahiba and Kavishri, writes and performs this to justify the angst RK’s Arjun feels in the film

Arjan Vailly

A song that sounds average compared to the rest of the album and still works, on the whole, has to be this one.

Pehle Bhi Main

This song is OUT-FCKIN-STANDING (Pardon my French). Manan Bhardwaj’s managing to make an impact in a song relying so heavily on Shreya is an achievement in itself.


The ‘money song’ of the film perfectly portrays the rage of Ranbir Kapoor’s Arjun of how he’ll burn the world down to ashes if anyone tries to mess with his father, and who could’ve been better than B Praak to showcase this emotion?

Saari Duniya Jalaa Denge

The name of that singer/actor is Ashim Kemson, who has now gotten a chance to own a solo, trippy song that will voice the ‘haiwaan,’ the animal in Ranbir Kapoor, and he completely kills it.


All said and done, Animal is a ‘Banger-Pro-Max’ album whose songs will only get more significant after its release. It is an accomplished package balanced with romance, drama, and unmatched energy & everything a good set of headphones would only take up a notch.

Last words:

It is an accomplished package balanced with romance, drama, and unmatched energy. Review by: Umesh Punwani