May 24, 2021

Tom Cruise, Johnny Depp To Heath Ledger, 10 Actors Who Never Paid A Penny For Acting Class & Are Still Ruling Hollywood

Tom loved movies from a young age. At age 18, with no formal training, he went to New York to become an actor, and six months later got a break in a movie called Taps (1981).

Johnny Depp initially moved to California to become a musician and got his first job as a telemarketer. During this phase, actor Nicholas Cage, introduced him to his agent, and things turned for the actor.

Heath Ledger skipped school when he was 17 and drove to Sydney with his best friend, Trever DiCarlo, to seek acting work.

Joaquin & his siblings used to perform on the streets to support their family. Back then, they were noticed by an agent named Iris Burton, who got them gigs in commercials and TV shows.

Bale left school when he was 16 and began his career by doing commercials before making his way to Hollywood films. Despite no training in the craft, he is famous for his method acting technique.

Henry had a liking for theatre since his school days and even worked as an extra for a play at his boarding school.

Jim lived in a van with his family when he was a teenager and always dreamed of living a successful life. He dropped out of school when he was 16 and auditioned for small roles to support his family.

Crowe dropped out of school when he was 16 to become an actor, and he was a success. His dedication to his work earned him a name in Hollywood, and he became a much-sort after name in showbiz.

Channing Tatum worked as a construction worker, a dancer, a salesman, and a mortgage broker but never spent a dime on acting class.

Matthew was studying law at the University of Texas when he came across a book called The Greatest Salesman in the World by Og Mandino. This book was the reason he decided to pursue acting.