5 Reasons Why You Should Watch Coolie No. 1 (Govinda's Version)

It's not going to be legendary! Varun Dhawan's version had a legendary cast to mess the things up, because such chaos wouldn't have been bearable with a routine cast

Point kahan hai? If you've to watch it for comical performances, you have many options to choose between; if you've to watch it for its story, you have the original

Same sequel, same script!  The script of Coolie No. 1 is the good example of 'can I copy your homework? Yeah, just change it up a bit."

Varun Being Varun The portions in which Varun Dhawan is not trying to act like Govinda are the funniest bits of the movie.

90s Not Good? Rumi Jaffery goes ahead to offer a redone script according to today's time with the characters are still stuck in the 90s.