5 Reason You Must Watch The White Tiger Right Now!

Adarsh Gourav deserves all the accolades for his hauntingly brilliant act. He has a tornado of hate for the rich, but has to camouflage it as love for them. Man has a range and the widest one.

Ramin Bahrani’s direction is raw. he lets discomfort rule the screen. He doesn’t zoom out from situations that might make the viewer shake a little; he instead zooms in.

Priyanka Chopra Jonas knows how to act broken, and when she is shaken, the pressure is built, and the movie takes a turn for the tragedy.

The White Tiger is a social commentary on the class discrimination, caste structure and oppression that the lower strata have been facing for the longest and a legitimate one.

The dialogues in The White Tiger deserve their independent review. Adarsh gets some of the best lines to mouth, and they hit you at the right spot.