4 Reasons Why Drishyam 2 Doesn't Live Up To The Expectations

By Shubham Kulkarni

Feb 19, 2021

What is missing this time around is the glue of realism to bind this. The screenplay takes too much time in setting up a universe that we already know.

The expectation that the audience will keep chewing the same gum forever and will grow their power of suspension of disbelief double than expected.

Mohanlal manages to bring his poised demeanour to work, but the surrounding that is on the boundary to qualify as OTT doesn’t support him. But the actor is true to his calibre and there is no weak move.

Jeethu Joseph polishes the edges too much, leaving no room for the audience to bid their possible outcomes. The conversation ends up being one way, and that defeats the purpose of a suspense drama.