Shah Rukh Khan returns as the don with the sexy Lara Dutta. Watch them in the title track of Don 2, Zaraa Dil Ko Thaam Lo.

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  1. What’s this?? ….just a rehash of “aaj ki raat” plus “main hoon don” from earlier version with (too much boring now) foreigner dancers in background?? quite disappointing!!

    • You moron who likes just the cheap versions of south songs and movies cannot handle anything original.If you do not like it keep the opinion to yourself and in your crap mind.

    • Stop it, Man! What’re u some dumb shit. I mean srk’s movie super stylish upto the standard of HOLLYWOOD. Hell just first don and than u see bodyguard you will still DON more stylish. Atleast your logic to hate somebody that u don’t know and love somebody that u don’t know. “Personally”

      So stop it. If u don’t like it than just don’t visit his pages. THICK HEAD!!!!

  2. Here it is, Ra.One is history, so we are back with Don 2, and that too, TITLE TRACK, the song isn’t that catchy unless you listen it repeatedly. There is nothing new about the video or the song. Shahrukh is new and that too not in such a big way. The quality is awesome and so is the production value. After Ra.One this has to be really good to make a mark, lest Salman, Aamir, Hritik, and even Ranbir have gone past this Humongous star.

  3. yes, waiting for don….please srk haters enjoy the movie instead of hating it. Love it. All the khans would rock……dont try to sabotage the movie


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