Koimoi.com Editor Komal Nahta explains why Shah Rukh Khan‘s Don 2 is due to take a very good opening on Friday, December 23. He compares the advance booking of Don 2 to Salman Khan‘s Bodyguard and also compares the projected business of Don 2 to SRK’s Don (2006) and Amitabh Bachchan‘s Don (1978). A Koimoi exclusive.

Komal Nahta, the Editor of Koimoi.com, is Bollywood’s most trusted trade analyst & film reviewer. You can follow him on Twitter and check out his Video Blog.

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  1. mr…komal natha…why u so pro srk n against salman…im froom dis industry n i know n u can read all reports…don 2 advance in ntn compared to bodyguard and at single screens is less then ready also…and u have writen an article in which u have said that katrina tops over salman…btw salman was da 3rd most searched indian person on google after katrina n anna hazzarre…and da only male celebrety when srk dint even feature in da list…why dint u name da article that (srk does not even feature in top 10 while katrina is no 1)instead u named it katrina tops salman…wtf…i feel like really giving it to u but u r a mature individual and a respected critic…such stupidity from u is so immature

  2. DON 2 I want my money back please , i went to watch special premier in UK with so much hope for the movie ,all my hopes were broken , movie is so crap , repetitive dialog s , boring story i wanted leave the movie , but i didn’t because this premium tickets costed expensive , so took Little nap , wish i had watch the dirty picture again

    • i saw ur post at bollywoodreviews.com. u duffer ek tarah ka post idhar bhi kiya hai..sale apna ghar ka bahar kabhi nikla hai kya?? london premire to tere sapne mai aya tha kya???ja jake dirty picture dekh..tu akela nehi dekhe ga to kuch nehi hoga.don2 aise bhi blockbuster hone wala hai.

    • saaly jhooty comment kar kar kie logon ko bhikata hai?
      salman khan kiya raat ko tery ghar aata hai jo us kie liya faltu main Don 2 ko badnaam kar raha hai?
      sallu kie filmy daikhny laikh hoti tu hain nhi isy liya logo ko paisy dai kar DON kie film kie barry main kharab comments karwata hai!
      10 website par yeah hie comment post kiya hai, ghar ka address tu bata log ghar sai nikaaal nikaal kar maarin gai!!!

  3. I just watch the Don2(3D) in Dubai, And i like it very much, Indians should be proud on bollywood. everybody in the movie did a great job, Shah rukh was looking cool.

  4. actually i didn’t see the movies which is Dan 2 but i saw many movies which made By King khan i am he is a great actor all the time even salman khan also


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