Koimoi.com Editor Komal Nahta says that the script of Players is one of convenience. The second half is long winding and the actors’ performances are very weak. Abhishek Bachchan hardly looks like a team leader. Bipasha Basu’s acting is okay. Sonam Kapoor looks like she is in a hurry to get her scenes done. Neil Nitin Mukeshis earnest and Omi Vaidya’s work looks sincere. Watch the video for the entire review.

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Players Review By Komal Nahta

Abhishek Bachchan, Neil Nitin Mukesh, Sikander Kher, Bipasha Basu, Sonam Kapoor in Players
Players Movie Poster

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Komal Nahta, the Editor of Koimoi.com, is Bollywood’s most trusted trade analyst & film reviewer. You can follow him on Twitter and check out his Video Blog.

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  1. hello sir, i m vinay. i watch your BOB regularly on etc. i see movie every Friday (FDFS). About 90% of my vision over the business & film appreciation matches with you.. i really like your reviews.. Except Ra.one that really puts me off.. i was expecting a bad review. don’t know why you supported that kind of movie which wasted 125 cr. of sir srk & industry. anyway gud review of players. specially i expect more from dir duo.

  2. sir i realy apreciate u, b8 on what basis u use 2 compare i dnt like fst-salman nd sharukh both r 2 different personality. 2-don2 and ra1 with dabang and body guard.3-3idiots with salmans movi.kya sir is dis a comaparable thngs…it is lik comparing amitabh wid shahrukh..we cant do..all d movies r d good efforts of directornd dere money r invested on dat nd by yor foolish prediction and assumption d major audinces r geting cut off from d movi nd indirectly u r harming yor own industry from where u get yor daily earnings.sir u tol players is a bad movi nd u comapared wid italian job is it possible nd do u thnk if italian job wil b 100% copied den it wil run in india..it is nt possible…abbas mustan wen he directed his 1st movi i thnk u were a student..so how u can predict his direction nd thinking..i saw 3 shows of players..i m nt d fan of abhi nd all b8 i want 2 kno borin part,,i havnt seen boring part in it..music u tol not good wat u wan t chameli or jalebi in d hollywood remak..musci played a supportin role in movi nd d sequences were good acting was also not bad nd action sequence is very stylish..nt like foolish action its like a perfect stylish way 2 represent hoolywood in bollywod style..so sir b positive nd judge naturallyyyy and thnk d hard wrk of all characters did 4 3 years nd u rejected in 3 mins itselfff….try nd thnk yor mistakes sir ..if movies wont cum u wil itself thrown out f yor jobbbb…movies hai toh aap hai else naa aaap naa koi channel..bye sir respect u lot..,

  3. player is a such wounderfull movie neal mukesh acting is very good job inever ever seen in any movie and abhi acting is good but abhishek is real player. is such a wounderfull movie i enjoy it

  4. sir,players is not such a bad movie as you reviewed.people will really enjoy it and you said that there is no logic but what logic did you get from ra.one that the villain come out from the software game? and you said that actor performances are very weak .it is not so.this type of action thriller does not need great emotional acting or overacting.

  5. Mr.Komal,I am disappointed with your review.When you are going to watch an Abbas-Mustan movie,you expect thrills,high voltage drama,suspense ,sexy ladies,huge canvass and good music.Players have terrific thrills,good suspense,huge canvass and hot ladies.Music is average.But Ho gayi tun song picturised on Bips is good.We expect a paisa vasool movie from Abbas-Mustan.And they have delievered.I completly disagree with you that Abhishek and Bobby are bad in the movie.They have given a decent performance.This movie deserves at least 2.5 stars. And Vinay has given a message that Shahrukh has wasted 125 crores on Ra.One.The movie has earned 125 crores in India and has been declared a hit by every major site and has earned 10 million U$(50 crores) in overseas and has been declared superhit.It is very easy to make remakes of south indian movies.With Enthiran and Ra.One, Indian cinema has taken a giant step in terms of technology.According to Eros,Ra.One has grossed 240 crores worldwide.So every one can decide whether Shahrukh has wasted money or not.

  6. Dear Nahta,
    I always watch your review in etc channel and realy your reviews and comments are good only one thing ra-one just cartoon movie and you say this is very good graphis and adventure but this very bore only 20minute is good after that headeche. player is very good fast movie i like it.

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