Watch Shah Rukh Khan and Priyanka Chopra in the song Dushman Mera from Don 2.

Dushman Mera – Don 2

Don 2 releases on December 23, 2011.

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  1. nice song. this schould by sung by Rana Mazumdar., from once upon a time in mumbai. worst picturisation. cheap to make such videos.

  2. don2 rocks
    and srk look is awesome
    komal sir give some early estimate of don2
    your early estimates are true and i beacme your follower

  3. Now don’t make mistake again , Don’t go to watch DON 2 Why to watch DON 2 , inferior quality over hyped ,(high marketing like Ra-one).
    fooling people , low quality special effects of DON 2(didn’t got lesson.
    from RA-one? ) better to? watch Mission Impossible 4 which is 1000.
    time better quality , action , Budget (850 crore plus ).which will be releasing a.
    week before or at same day.better watch on television as it will be aired on TV without any cuts as it is not Adult film like THE DIRTY PICTURE, DON 2 has Childish dialog, THE DIRTY PICTURE have some of the Best dialog s and is one of the best made movie , Hats off for Vidya Balan.

  4. I’d say the only thing better would be for compnaies to try to loose money on the backs of real problems but then, there wouldn’t be any compnaies, only problems.


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