Agneepath is a surefire hit, assures Editor Komal Nahta. Hrithik Roshan is absolutely mind-blowing as Vijay. Priyanka Chopra is extremely graceful and Sanjay Dutt looks supremely menacing as Kancha. Director Karan Malhotra makes a fantastic debut. Read the review here.

Hrithik Roshan & Priyanka Chopra in Agneepath
Hrithik Roshan & Priyanka Chopra in Agneepath

Agneepath will shake the box-office today (Republic Day) and in the first weekend. Watch it for so many reasons but be prepared for gore and violence… plenty of it!

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  1. Agneepath is a solid entertainer no two opinion on that, but also has a soul which contrulude every one to the theaters and also give that fun which is should be and be expected by everyone here.songs are superb especialy chikni chameli and devashri Ganesha are top notch. Hrithik has done complete justice with vijay and Sanju was simply marvelous. On the whole its a solid masala movie and must watch for everyone..
    **** ( 4 star)

  2. Super waste of Time…. AB’s Agneepath was classic, Stylish with great dialogues and performances. This version is LOUD, boring and simple performances, lacks common sense. There is nothing good in this movie apart from Sanju’s Acting & Chikni Chameli Song. I like HR but there is nothing he can do here. He tried hard but could not make significant impact as the script is so weak. Climax is very boring and childish.

  3. Mr. Nahta, can you please justify your 4.5 ratings for this movie? Or is it you simply want to create hype? Also the people who likes the movie can please bother to let me know how HR get into Mandwa and place bombs all over without any support. To be very honest this movie does not deserves to be Average hit…… Managing to cross 25 crores or 100 crores in a week does not change peoples perspective.

  4. Disappointing film…..eventhough i am a hrithik fan.
    Damn Story….bad direction….bakwaas sentiments….not an entertainer….
    waste of money!!!!!!
    wt happened to Hindi movies ????? !!!!!!…. y the standard of hindi movies are going down

    poor film……saw agneepath with much excitement…..Disappointed, disappointed…disappointed……..Directors must learn to direct well from South Director Shankar.

    No good script writer left in Hindi Industry.????…..poor film…

    Bakwaas movie

    But full marks for CHIKNI CHAMELI !!!


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