1. How is the ra1 poster a copy of batman begins? There’s been many superhero comics and films with the same pose.

    SRK did the same pose on the poster of Veer Zaara, so if anything SRK is just copying his own romantic pose.

  2. Why would happy new year copy their poster from some crap film called cash? Unless you really think out of all the posters they were like lets find some flop movie and base our poster on that? You must be a KRK fan or just digging desperately to find a connection.

    It’s a film about a group that does a robbery, obviously there’s going to be some similarities to films of a similar genre.

    Same with dhoom 3. The main character, aamir, looking out the glass window = copy of TDKR?

    So desperate..

  3. HNY is a forced entry to your list.. i was waiting to see from which film it was copied from and guess what CASH hahahahaha


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