Opportunity at Koimoi for Technology Manager

Technology Manager – Koimoi 


Koimoi.com is a rapidly expanding Bollywood News and Entertainment portal that attracts over 4+ million users per month across its web and mobile platform. The Koimoi brand has grown phenomenally in the past few years and it is now one of the most popular digital destinations for consumers & the trade fraternity who are interested in Bollywood!


Koimoi researches, curates & publishes digital Bollywood content. The website attracts over 100k users a day, whereas its mobile site and apps entertain over 100k users a day. The business is well recognized for its ‘Box Office’ information, Reviews, Columns and Reports on the day-to-day business of Bollywood. Koimoi’s mobile apps (on the iTunes Store, Google Play Store & Windows App Store) mimic the site’s web content and are downloaded across the world.

Position: Technology Manager – Koimoi

Position Based in: Mumbai

What do you need to do? (Role and Responsibilities)

– Be responsible for the overall technology operations of Koimoi. This would include, amongst other things:

– Being really, really, conversant with wordpress and its finer nuances. This would include understanding how themes work, which are the easiest themes to adopt for new sites, figuring out plugin conflicts, best practices of writing custom code on wordpress themes etc

– Fluent with PHP, comfortable writing scripts, parsing and assembling data feeds, debugging or even creating plugins for WordPress

– Understanding everything about mobile responsive sites and how to best render them for a site like koimoi

– Understanding hosting, performance, CDNs, load balancing, and web and mobile site trouble shooting. (We have a separate team to assist on this).

– Being able to make sure that the web and mobile sites of koimoi are always alive and kicking

Who could you be? Background and Experience

You would be an ideal candidate if you have worked in an online/mobile Bollywood / Entertainment portal, content website or any medium to large-sized online publishing business in a Technology role.

A successful blogger would also be welcome!


Graduate or Post Graduate in IT or Computer Science with excellent knowledge of CMS tools like WordPress, Joomla, Magento.

Who will you be reporting to?

Mahesh Khambadkone – Co-Founder of Games2win.

Age & Experience:

3 to 5 years work experience. We are open to the level of experience you bring along.

Working in line with:

The existing team in the Company includes the editor, the web & server side teams and the webmasters of the site and of group sites.


As a practice, we have typically matched candidates with their existing salary packages and we throw in lucrative performance incentives; and of course ESOPs.*

The idea is to make you take an ownership role and then provide additional compensation on performance.

Note that we do not want people to join us just for a better salary. We don’t bribe people to join us. Instead, we want people to join us for the love of what we do and the opportunity to shine professionally!

*In the exit of mobile2win China to Disney, and when Nirvana Venture Funds invested into Games2win – the group has now a proven track record of demonstrating how valuable its company ESOPs can be.

Growth and prospects:

This is a dream job for anyone who loves online content, consumers, traffic, and the excitement of publishing and managing massive digital properties!

In terms of growth, you could rise all the way to the top to become the CTO of the Company and lead the Company’s technology function completely.

Next Steps:

If this role interests you, then we have some homework for you:

Visit our koimoi.com (web and mobile) sites and then revert with:

What’s broken at koimoi? What’s unimpressive? What’s not working 100%? What would you do to make the web and mobile experience an unforgettable experience?

If given a chance, what changes would you make to the look and feel of komoi.com? How would you render the mobile site? Reply with name & links of themes you like and also why you think they would suit komoi.com?

Send your CV and thoughts to: hr@koimoi.com