Tina Turner waited 23 years to accept second husband Erwin Bach’s proposal
Tina Turner waited 23 years to accept second husband Erwin Bach’s proposal ( Photo Credit – Bang Showbiz )

Tina Turner waited 23 years to accept her second husband Erwin Bach’s proposal. The late ‘Private Dancer’ singer first met the German music producer, 67, in 1985, seven years after she finalised her divorce from abusive Ike Turner, who subjected her to beatings, mental torture and sex she said felt like rape.

Tina said in her tell-all memoir ‘My Love Story’ about the relationship leaving her so traumatised she didn’t accept Erwin’s first proposal: “More than anything, I needed to feel that Erwin loved me. And he did. He really did.



“In 1989, when I was about to turn 50, he proposed. But I wasn’t certain how I felt about marriage. Marriage can change things and, in my experience, not always for the better.”

Tina Turner added in her book she spent the next few years living with Erwin in Cologne and in a house she bought in the South of France, and she followed him in 1995 when he was asked to run the EMI office in Switzerland.

She said: “We moved into an old-fashioned villa on Lake Zurich, called the Château Algonquin… I felt good. I’d never smoked or taken drugs. I was still in good shape after 50 years of intensive stage workouts. I still looked

pretty good, too: in 2013, German Vogue asked me to be on its cover.

“I think I can safely say that, at 73, I was the oldest cover ‘girl’ in Vogue’s history at that point.”

Tina said Erwin had proposed again in 2012 and this time she “answered with an empathetic ‘Yes!’”

She added: “It was a commitment that didn’t come easily to me, but I knew he was the love of my life.”

Erin was by Tina’s side when she died from natural causes on 24 May at their 10-building, $76 million compound in Switzerland, and he nursed her through a stroke that hit her the year they married in 2013.

He also donated one of his kidneys to the ‘What’s Love Got to Do With It’ star in a life-saving transplant operation after she had spent years battling kidney issues.

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