Cillian Murphy'S CINEMA CLAIM
Cillian Murphy’S CINEMA CLAIM ( Photo Credit – Bang Showbiz )

Cillian Murphy thinks it is “essential” to watch ‘Oppenheimer’ at the cinema.

The 47-year-old star leads the cast of Christopher Nolan’s upcoming all-star blockbuster as J. Robert Oppenheimer – the man known as the “father of the atomic bomb” – and has urged viewers to see the picture on the biggest available screen.

Cillian Murphy told Empire magazine: “I think it’s a truly essential cinematic experience. And I know that’s what I’m supposed to say, that’s the studio line. But you have to see this in the cinema on the biggest f****** screen possible. There are moments in it that will blow people’s lids off.”

Nolan also discussed the importance of telling the story of the creation of the atomic bomb in the movie – which stars Cillian Murphy, Emily Blunt, Matt Damon and Robert Downey Jr. among others.

The ‘Inception’ director explained: “Look, the ultimate stakes of any big blockbuster is the survival of the world.

“And that’s what the story is. I know of no story with higher stakes than ‘Oppenheimer’s’ story. That’s just the truth of it.”

Nolan continued: “It’s tricky using a word like entertainment when you’re talking about something so serious, but entertainment in movies takes many forms. This is such an involving, compelling tale that we had the privilege of telling.”

‘Oppenheimer’ will be released next month and Cillian Murphy recently praised the “sensational” flick.

The ‘Peaky Blinders‘ actor told Rolling Stone UK magazine: “I think it’s the best script I ever read.

“He wanted it to be solely from Oppenheimer’s perspective. And I think the film is sensational. As a person who loves films – I’m not saying it ‘cos I’m in the f****** thing, I hate looking at myself – but as a lover of film, as a cinephile, I’m a Chris Nolan fan.”

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