Noel Gallagher Talks About His Moody Solo Album 'Council Skies' After His Divorce From Wife of 22 Years
Noel Gallagher Talks About His Moody Solo Album ‘Council Skies’ After His Divorce (Photo Credit: Bang Showbiz)

Noel Gallagher says divorce is a “long” and “drawn-out process”. The former Oasis songwriter, 56, split with his wife of 22 years Sara MacDonald, 51, in January after they had sons Donovan, 15, and Sonny, 12, together, and opened up for the first time about the split while talking about his “moody” new solo album ‘Council Skies’.

He added about his new High Flying Birds studio album: “The record goes up and down and for every kind of moody melancholy, there is an uplifting counterbalance after it. When you’re an artist you write about what you know, and I don’t really have much to say about life in general, as I don’t really give a f*** about most things I see on the news.

Noel, who also has model daughter Anais, 23, with his former partner Meg Matthews, 57, told The Sun: “Divorce is a long, drawn-out process, so it affects the mood of the album, for sure.”

In the same interview, Noel Gallagher revealed, “So when things happen in your life that you can articulate, I tend to jump on them, and it makes for better art and it helps you come to terms with it.”

Hinting his marriage troubles came during lockdown, Noel also said: “My life had come to a bit of a crossroads, and I was just kind of reflecting on that. I was writing and there wasn’t any kind of future to speak of because no one knew when we were going to get out of it. I’d sit around all day, waiting to get p***** at, like, f****** five o’clock. Everybody’s life had come to a bit of a standstill.”

Despite rumours, Noel’s split may also come with an Oasis reunion with his younger brother Liam, 50, the songwriter insisted: “I’m busy for the next year and a half with my album but anyway, Liam is full of s***. He knows as well as I do that he doesn’t want it either. What he does like doing is making me look a c***. He’s being ingenuine sic to his beloved Oasis fans who put him where he is today.”

He further said, “Go f****** call me then. I’ve said it to him, ‘Call me directly or indirectly. Get your people to call. You don’t even have to speak to me.’ But unless he’s called during this interview, my phone is still silent.”

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