Arlo Parks Says She Feels Inspired By California
Arlo Parks Says She Feels Inspired By California(Picture Credit: Bang Showbiz)

Arlo Parks feels inspired by the sights and sounds of California.

The 22-year-old singer was born and raised in London – but Arlo has found “fresh inspiration” since moving to Los Angeles.

Arlo Parks told The Independent: “I felt the need for a new adventure.

Arlo Parks added, “I felt a sense of curiosity, wanting to approach my creativity through a different lens. I wanted to meet new people.

“As a creative person you’re constantly hunting for fresh inspiration and out there I’ve been flooded with a whole new set of sensory experiences, exploring the flora and fauna of a new geography.”

Arlo Parks has also relished the experience of writing new music by the ocean.

She shared: “We’ve had more rain than is usual. So when I was out in the desert for Coachella, the landscape was just bathed in yellow flowers, but when I looked up the mountains were covered in snow … And the ocean! I’ve never lived by the ocean this way. It’s amazing to swim and sit and reflect and write by the ocean.”

Despite this, Arlo remains her own fiercest critic.

The singer – who recently released her second album, ‘My Soft Machine’ – said: “My drive, ambition, discipline all comes from me. But also my doubt and workaholism. I’m the source of it all.”

Meanwhile, Arlo previously revealed that she’s found a healthier balance between her working life and her private life in recent years.

The music star told GQ magazine: “I have to leave space for me to be a human being, not a robot, and have lazy days or do things that sometimes don’t feel important. The things that over time, when you don’t leave space for them, that’s when things start getting a bit hairy.

“I feel so lucky to be here. And so I feel like I have to give this opportunity a level of work that shows how grateful I am, which is all driven internally. There’s no one telling me to do this or that.”

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