Business Manager – Job Opening

Role: Business Manager – Koimoi (Digital Entertainment Portal) 

Location: Mumbai

Reporting to: Management

Company Description is amongst the top Bollywood entertainment portals in India and a leading voice of Bollywood & Hollywood. The property is known for its in-depth, unbiased and intense coverage of the Entertainment industry. We attract around 15 million visits each month, organically.

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Job Description

This comprehensive business position encompasses managing day-to-business operations, growth, revenues, and the team (additional hiring etc.).

Note that the Business Manager’s role is that of a generalist – not a specialist.

The Business Manager will be responsible for managing the Business operations of Koimoi. He/She will collaborate closely with the management and ensure the optimum running of the business and working towards the business goals. Working with the editors and writer teams and monitoring top competitor websites that serve Bollywood and Hollywood content. He/She will be involved in discovering and recommending new features, UI, UX, & content plans with the management and continuously work on a calendar to improve the existing product. This will involve working with the tech partners and hiring a tech manager. The candidate will also monitor the revenue of Koimoi, understand the different channels that generate revenue and build a plan to maximize revenue growth with the management team.

What do you need to do? (Role and Responsibilities)

  • Develop quarterly business plans of the business in close association with the management. This would include Traffic, Monetisation and reach projections.
  • Understand and monitor the key revenue drivers of traffic for koimoi.
    • Create a matrix for monetisation strategies of our competition, then make sure we add all options on koimoi.
    • This would include understanding content deployment on Facebook, YouTube and other social media channels (for revenue, traffic, and both)
  • Constantly motivate the content team to deliver content that has the maximum revenue upside.
  • Be strong in Business Development and be able to establish partnerships with media houses, entertainment companies, news agencies, new media apps etc. Be strong in outreach to establish partnerships with Publishers, Media houses, and new media Apps to enable distributing koimoi content on those 3rd party apps, which will help increase revenue.
  • Be completely involved in the day-on-day operations of the business with the Editor/ content head of the business and troubleshoot day-to-day problems.
  • You must be very strong at numbers and analytics. It will be critical for you to work with the monetisation team and understand how we can improve the reach of the business on a sustainable and ongoing basis.
  • Deeply understand analytics, then plan analytics events and iterate features by using data experiments (Google Analytics etc)
  • Liaise with tech partners and project managers and keep improving the product.

Who could you be? Background and Experience:

  • Have deep knowledge of the digital entertainment industry. (You will not be creating content, but you must have a passion for the business that you will manage).
  • Be able to DRIVE the day-to-day business activities
  • Someone who has lots of grit and the ability to grind. You will be managing a young team that is prone to making mistakes
  • Highly motivated and driven to improve and innovate.
  • Have a passion for organic growth strategies and the discipline to constantly try experiments.
  • Experience in Data Analytics.
  • A love for UX, UI, best practices of digital design and delight.


  • Be a team member of Koimoi – a leading entertainment publisher backed by the 2win group of successful companies, such as Games2win, etc, that have been thriving for the past 20 years.
  • Join a team of passionate young professionals in a profitable established business providing exponential career growth and learning capabilities.
  • Deliver prestigious global experiences that delight users.
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