The buzz for Aamir Khan playing the negative character in Dhoom 3 has been pitch high since the actor has smeared himself in a grey shade after a long time! Bollywood’s villains are characterized by very typical shades and when actors of Khan’s stature try out a negative role, comparisons are inevitable! Koimoi compiles for you the villainous avatars of Bollywood’s leading men and how they have done justice to the roles handed out to them.

Aamir Khan:

Aamir Khan in Fanaa And Dhoom 3
Aamir Khan in Fanaa And Dhoom 3

Dhoom 3 is definitely not Aamir’s first negative role! Amongst his most memorable performances is the 2006 YRF venture Fanaa where Aamir was paired alongside vivacious actress Kajol. Being an unusual on-screen duo, the foremost reason why the film worked was because Aamir played the wicked role of a brutal terrorist with excellence. The memories of this film is reassuring that despite a labored look in Dhoom 3‘s poster seeming unconvincing to many, Khan has the mettle to surprise his audiences with delectable performance.

Shah Rukh Khan:

Shah Rukh Khan in Darr And Anjaam Movie Stills
Shah Rukh Khan in Darr And Anjaam Movie Stills

The actor being named the King of Bollywood unanimously for decades now, the performance that defined his acting abilities was Darr. The film marked the beginning of Bollywood’s most historic actor-director duo as Yash Chopra and SRK collaborated with each other for the first time. Shah Rukh brought to Rahul, the passion, the desperation and the unbearable frenzy of love! SRK has given many superlative performances after this but Darr still ranks as his most potent and enthusiastic work on screen! Redefining the role of a mainstream Bollywood hero, SRK at the very early phase of his career began a revisionist trend! SRK has never been shy of playing the darker side and each time he has donned the roles, he does so with elan. Be it be Baazigar or the lesser watched Anjaam, SRK in his younger days played baddie with panache!

Sanjay Dutt:

Sanjay Dutt In Khalnayak Movie Stills
Sanjay Dutt In Khalnayak Movie Stills

Khalnayak was a bad memorabilia for actor Sanjay Dutt on personal front. Weeks before the film’s release, the actor was arrested for his involvement in the Bombay Blasts Case! However, it was the most career defining role the actor had done before Rajkumar Hirani’s Munnabhai almost a decade later! Khalnayak is remembered as an iconic film for being bold enough to assign its male lead to a negative character.

Akshay Kumar:

Akshay Kumar in Ajnabee Movie Stills
Akshay Kumar in Ajnabee Movie Stills

Khiladi Kumar was been flawless when it comes to action but his acting prowess was proved only when the actor zeroed on the motto of picking up more versatile roles. Ajnabee is the first of his films, where he retained for himself an overpoweringly negative role. The film being a suspense thriller, Akshay played the manipulative and scheming man to such perfection that you almost despise his character by the end! Though the film was borrowed from a Hollywood flick, critics couldn’t stop praising Akshay’s performance for his gusto and sincerity.

Akshaye Khanna:

Akshaye Khanna Humraaz And Race Movie Stills
Akshaye Khanna Humraaz And Race Movie Stills

Akshaye is an actor of strong caliber but often ignored at the mainstream commercial level of Bollywood. Despite films like Gandhi My Father to his credit, the man set up his commercial base only with Abbas Mustan’s Humraaz. Playing a plotting blackmailer who uses his love to score over a business tycoon and earn money off him, Khanna plays the bad man of this romance thriller with such quaint enthusiasm that he was hard to miss. The actor went on to work again with the director duo in Saif Ali Khan starrer Race. The actor maintained his strong performance just like Humraaz in the film that thrived on the idea of sibling rivalry. With plotting ways and impish faces, Akshaye Khanna has proved his strength to play the villain time and again in many films.

John Abraham:

John Abraham in Race 2 Movie Stills
John Abraham in Race 2 Movie Stills

Abbas Mustan’s Race 2 saw the hot hunk John Abraham play the dissenting and negative role. Though the actor played the grey shade of Dhoom well, in Race 2 he was plain unconvincing and uninteresting! The film wasted too much covering the actor’s well shaped body and doesn’t tell much about the evil side of John! There was much skill and less meat in John’s performance and the actor might considering play the negative sometime soon to step back into his slick Dhoom shoes!

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  1. SRK is superb in villian role & and then sanju baba give great performance in grey shade role,amir is much behind than any actor…the role of darr first offer to amir but he refused to do it because he was afraid at that time to do willian role being chocolaty lover boy.

  2. SRK did 5 negative roles Daar, Baazigar, Anjaam, Don and Don2
    Shah Rukh Khan won Filmfare Award for Best Performance in a Negative Role in Anjaam
    He is also got most best actor award 8 times.
    I think that no one expect SRK achieve this in bollywood.

  3. Aamir is God of acting . He can play any role with an ease .. He played negative character in an art film Earth 1974 .. It was fantastic film .. his performance as ice-candy man was phenomenal .. then later He played negative role in fanaa ,, we all know how much fanna was loved .. It was blockbuster ..Now Aamir playing a Villain in Dhoom3 , he will again prove my he is the best :)

  4. ajay devgan ki deewangi aur khakee ke samne akshay kumar , akshay khanna , john abraham ki koi aukat hai. jab aap logo ko analysis karna nhi aata to karte kyo hai?

  5. No Aamir is overrated and by the way too tiny for a villain. And for the above: SRK don´t look like a villain and was never a good actor.

  6. None of them. SRK was on the wall in Ra.One only for the few minutes he let Arjun play, Aamir is overrated and John looks too dumb for a villain. No glue what people find on Sanjay. There are so good actors in India and you named almost the worst.

  7. Obvious Aamir Is Best…….Now Wait 4 Dhoom:3 U’lll Got Ur Answers Y I M saying This….#ThisYearWillEndWithADhoom

  8. why srk fans. comments on other’s news. nobody care on srk.s news… why they are doing that…?????? are they paid… or they wants to prove what srk is not??? .

  9. nobody can beat srk when it comes to play a romantic hero or anti hero. he established himself with baazigar and darr…he is the best.aamir ki to baat krna bekar hai


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