The humane side of the man with the golden heart is not secret to us as we have repeatedly watched Salman Khan trying to do everything he can to promote goodwill and welfare among the underprivileged. In recent news of sorts, Salman has decided to go a step further and yet again set another example for all his contemporaries.


In an Era where film promotions have taken over as business marketing strategies and oodles of crores are spent on making sure the film is well promoted and hyped, Salman has decided to take a different route altogether. With his latest film, Jai Ho up for release in about two week’s time from now on, Salman has requested Sunil Lulla, from Eros International to cut down on the publicity budgets. The budget which was previously estimated at a whooping 16 crores has been cut short by the presenters and reduced to a meager 6 crores.

Salman Khan at an event
Salman Khan at an event

Today, when superstars like Amitabh Bachchan, Shah Rukh Khan and even the younger stars Ranbir Kapoor, Ranveer Singh and Arjun Kapoor are going out of their way to promote their releases, Salman chose to do things his way! Salman, following Aamir Khan’s no-promotions trend is one of those few superstars who believe that unnecessary and lavish promotions aren’t required for him to sell his movies. He is confident that even without too much of a promotion, people would still end up watching his films and that, it will go on to shatter some records. Not just that, previously as well, the negative media person that Salman has always been, Salman was hardly keen on promoting his films until Ready, where he went out with full throttle for the first time!

While he did not just make the presenters cut short on the lavish promotional budget, he also ensured that the excess amount is given out for charity to the poor and needy people when they visit different cities on their tour timelines. Definitely a thought worth applauding, Salman!

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