While parodies are the most flattering way of paying tribute to any work of art, the old school thinkers of Bollywood remain resistant to any negativity about their film. In a new video from All India Bakchod, a popular stand up comedy group, the intolerance for humor has been condemned by the young folks.


The video kicks off with the lines, “The internet is littered with movie trailer parodies and mashups. BUT not in India, because here studios get grumpy and take these parodies down.”

The AIB found an exceedingly humorous way putting forward the story of what happened to them when they attempted to make a spoof of the upcoming film Dhoom 3. YRF was ruthless and asked the young group to never bring it up again and drop the idea completely despite AIB making several changes to the original spoof.

Why Do The Likes Of YRF Fume Over Spoofs & Opinions
Why Do The Likes Of YRF Fume Over Spoofs & Opinions

While such grave intolerance from the makers shows an extremely authoritarian behaviour, it also tells how sense of humor is such a rarity among the old school inklings of the industry. Though I am eagerly awaiting the release of the film, as a fan I can still enjoy a few laughs for myself when I hear the AIB Soundtrack go, “We made a Dhoom 3 trailer spoof, but Yashraj sh*t on its fate. We went to ask permission, and it turned into a farce…they told us to drop the idea cos of the stick up their a*se!… It’s just a simple parody, imitation is just flattery, why don’t you guys just get that?”

AIB isn’t a sole victim of such recklessness of a production house. Koimoi can narrate a similar stint we faced with the makers of Krrish 3. I had dared to write an article on the film’s trailer seeming overtly high on VFX and low on emotional content that was the highlight point of Koi.. Mill Gaya. The article did not go very well with makers. After persistent calls from the PR agency, we had to pull down the article from social networking sites for merely expressing our views. And finally the masterstroke was when Koimoi was denied interviews of Hrithik Roshan because we were apparently spreading negativity about the film.

Liberalism isn’t something these makers understand or appreciate much. Don’t be surprised if they take offense to you putting forward your view but yes AIB, quite a statement you guys have made of the debacle that happened with YRF. This story did need a hearing!

However YRF clarified their stand on the same very coolly – “Hey guys! Take a look at what our fans think about us – cool stuff! Love the way they have taken our pants off! Unfortunately we couldn’t allow them to use the spoof that they are upset about because it went into messing around. with the personal space of the actors which was not cool. Enjoy! And keep it coming!”

Here’s the video :

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  1. AIB’s silly sense of humor can cost a production house crores of rupees and hinder the collection of any otherwise good product.

  2. Spoofs are great on films that have been released already; I agree with AIB’s sentiment on that front but to create a spoof of an upcoming film that hurts the business and deters the audience from watching the film is totally unacceptable.
    I am glad that YRF films took a strong stance against AIB.


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