Aamir Khan’s PK ran into controversy right after its first look got released, thanks to the nudity and now after releasing and receiving rave reviews from everywhere, the film has now run into problems thanks to its religious content. PK being a satire on Godmen and certain religious practices has raised eyebrows amongst those of the saffron brigade.

PK movie poster and Baba Ramdev
PK movie poster and Baba Ramdev

After VHP (Vishwa Hindu Parishad) called the film’s content anti-Hindu, Yoga Guru Baba Ramdev too has now asked people to boycott this film. Ramdev Baba mentioned that there is enough care taken while portraying any content against Islam but PK quite clearly targets the Hindu religion. Surprisingly, otherwise religiously righteous BJP Leader LK Advani has been all praises for the film and we wonder what the VHP and Baba Ramdev have to say to that.

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  1. Ramdev baba is like chor ke dadi mein tinka.He should focus on yoga rather than dictating on what people should see and what they shouldn’t.

  2. Ramdev baba is a part of crupt sent …. he always use to people… he want to get the publicity by this controversy.

    He have to think and have to improve their mistake after see the movie PK.

  3. What the hell, this dhoongi baba is trying to portray. Didnt he get the message from the movie OMG. It just amazes me how stupid people can get and cant use their own judgment and decide to see the movie or not.

    These money making babao’s feel threaten when such movies tries to expose their money making scheme.


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